Center for Innovation & Excellence (CIE)

Based on the vision of Hon’ble Chairman, VMSU and having visualized the growing needs for introducing innovation in teaching-learning process, research & development, technological advancements, etc, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence (CIE) was established in 2010 to conduct vocational skills and modular employable education and training, faculty and support staff development programmes, outreach programmes, community development programmes, training of trainers (ToT), etc to provide industry interface to both the teachers and the students with the sole objective that the passing graduates shall be job ready. The thrust areas under the Centre for Innovation and Excellence covers four major divisions: technology demonstration division, innovative course design division, research division, and collaborative programme division. Under these sectors, the University has already made considerable progress in conducting Training Need Analysis (TNA), Instructor/Faculty Up-gradation (FDP), Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Field Outreach Programmes (FOP) for field level professionals or field personnel.

The strength of Vinayaka Missions Sikkim University (VMSU) also lies in its two Centres: the Centre for Continuing Education & Research (CCER) and the Centre for Innovation and Excellence (CIE). The two Centres have been continuously striving to identify such industry specific specialized course(s) / programme(s) which can provide opportunity to field professionals for attending short duration studies and capsule programme (s) jointly offered by senior faculty, subject experts and field experts in association with the Institution of Public Health Engineers (India), CII, Govt. of Union Territory, Corporate Sector, Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics, etc. drawn from various locations like Kolkata, Gangtok, Chennai, Pondicherry & Ranchi.